A new dessert for our cycling guests in 2014?

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Aileen during the winter months trys out new recipes and ideas for the next season of our cycling tours.
Here is one we have all enjoyed over the festive season.

Raspberry and white chocolate mascarpone meringue roulade for our cycling tours?

Cycling tour dessert - Raspberry meringue roulade









4 large egg whites
225 grams caster sugar

250g Tub of mascarpone
100ml double or whipping cream
Fresh or frozen raspberries
150g white chocolate
Toasted almonds and dark choc to decorate


Whip egg whites until stiff peaks, gradually add in sugar and whisk til completely smooth.
Tip mixture into swiss roll tin (shallow sided baking sheet ) lined with baking parchment.
Bake at 190 deg C for 20 mins – leave to cool
Tip onto a larger piece of baking parchment

Meanwhile melt chocolate over hot water. Whip cream into mascarpone until slackened. Carefully whisk in slightly cooled chocolate until all well mixed.

Spread mixture over meringue and top with raspberries.

Roll up from the long side and tuck seam underneath.

Pipe/flick dark choc over and top with a few toasted flaked almonds.

Raspberry and white chocolate mascarpone meringue roulade - cycling food?









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