Breakfasts at our Biking Centre

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Croissants and Pain aux raisins at our Biking Centre

You would think that it would be a simple matter to provide “petit déjeuner” for all of our  guests at our biking centre. But no, there are always complications, especially when doing the morning bakery run.

Dégagnac our local village has a small shop that is also a “depot du pain” but we would have to place our order a couple of days before, not always possible and anyway we like to choose on a daily basis from the feedback we receive.

So it’s normally a trip to the nearest boulangerie about six kilometres away at Salviac. There are two bakers there one which bakes via a very large wood burning bread oven. This started out as our first choice at first but complications arose. On the door they have their opening times which are printed as 8.00 – 12.30, seemed reasonable at the time. Our normal breakfast time is usually at a relaxed “holidayish” 9.00am, plenty of time to get back and lay the tables etc.

But no, apparently these times are in fact optional for the owner and vary on his whim. If he has trouble with the oven not reaching a hot enough temperature then there is a delayed opening or sometimes not at all! Just a sign on the door saying “fermeture exceptionnelle”. Ok we can understand that these things happen, but it appears the normal opening time is anywhere between 8.30 and 9.30, not very convenient. Sometimes there would be as many as twenty people waiting for him to open.

Of course that’s not the only problem. When he does actually open he normally has no bread on display or any cakes but nearly always lots of croissants. So I ask him for a loaf but I have to guess which ones he’s likely to have baked first, normaly it’s a cereal (multi grain) but not always. He will disappear and come out with one piping hot, dust off the flour and ask if I need anything else. Yes, more bread a different type and some pain aux raisins perhaps. Well pain aux raisins are the last things he bakes, so there is a window of opportunity to buy these as he never bakes enough and they sell out within about twenty minutes.So I uses to return with two of the same loaves and lots of croissants.

Lucky another baker opened in the village which opens each day at 7.30 and has all their stock ready for sales, although less varieties, so we now use this one.

But of course they close all day Mondays and whenever her young son returns to his school after the holidays.

Then it’s a trip to Gourdon about twelve kilometres away.

Biking Centre breakfast

Biking Centre breakfast














Of course some guests at our biking centre are gluten intolerant, paleo, low carb etc.

Nothing is simple…..


Recipe for croissants

Boulangerie at our Biking Centre

Our cycling center in September.

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What’s been happening lately at our cycling center

Although cycling holidays are our main activity throughout the summer we still have other things going on.

We have been trying to have our road leading up to our guest barn resurfaced since we moved here some eight years ago. Success – they came three weeks ago to prepare the road by scraping and digging the surface and then after a couple of hours disappeared. Then one morning a few days back myself and seven cycling guests were just getting ready to leave when the tarmac truck arrived potentially blocking our exit. Luckily they waited for us to leave enroute to Daglan with the hope that all would be finished on our return.

Digger preparing our cycling entry road

Digger preparing our cycling center entry road


















Yes all done although a bit sticky still as they tend not to put enough final surfacing over the tarmac. According to our neighbour Bernard this is the first time it has been resurfaced since 1989!


We have our final tour of the year starting tomorrow (Sunday 21st September) with nine bikers, four of which are returning previous guests. I always thought nobody would ever wish to return again once having completed our bike routes but apparently that is not the case. We normally have about 25% of returning guests each year.

We have more routes available other than those published on our website so we always try to vary the routes for previous guests.

I’ve been experimenting with Google maps and directions that can be downloaded to guests mobile phones, all our routes are available online and downloadable in various formats. However getting them to give turn by turn instructions has not been cracked yet! We could use say a Garmin dedicated bike sat nav for everyone but this when suggested to guests does not seem to be popular, most prefer maps with maybe a reference on their phone in case of an emergency. I’ll have more of a play and think about next year over the winter.

Our cycling centre in September.

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