Update for spring in France

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Spring in France is so beautiful

Well spring in France has arrived in France and everything is coming out in blossom. Cherrie and apple trees especially with glorious pink and brilliant white.

Of course this does mean I am now having to mow the considerable grounds with our ride on mower. Naturally after a winter sojourn it didn’t want to start! So after charging the flat battery it made a horrible whining sound. With some trepidation I decided to have a look to see what was wrong myself. After much swearing I managed to dismantle some of the parts to find that a plastic gear that sits on top of the starter motor had sheared away. So a visit to our local mower parts shop in Gourdon armed with a print out from the parts manual and part number plus a photo of the part on my phone with the expectations of a long wait whilst the part was ordered. But lo and behold the store man disappeared behind the counter and produced a nice shiny new one for the princely sum of two euros sixty cents – bargain. However fitting was not as easy as removing, but after some skin scraping we now have a working mower.

I have been planning the vegetable garden for this year and will repeat the successful tomatoes and chillies as they grow really well here. Not so successful with the courgettes last year but our friends Paul and Kerrie borrowed our trailer and brought it back full of horse manure (as they have two horses). This I hope will stimulate the courgettes!

Now just got to tidy up around the gardens and re-varnish all the outside furniture then paint inside the barn where necessary etc etc. Oh and service all the bikes…..

So not much to do then?

Spring in France

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