Early morning sunshine – Richard’s view

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The early mornings here at Mas De Flory have been beautiful for the last couple of weeks. Our cycling holiday guests don’t get to see the frost and the sun at such low angles, as our season runs from May to September. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to capture that beauty on camera, as you might be able to tell from the pictures below.

There’s lots of low cloud and mist in the valleys. When the sun is at the right angle it can make the low cloud and mist look like rivers are flowing across the landscape in impossible ways.
I haven’t managed to capture that yet!


This was taken directly into the sun, which means colours are washed out, but it does pick up some of the atmosphere.


This one has some colour, but not  a lot of atmosphere!


The horse lives in the field adjacent to Mas de Flory and wandered over to see what I was up to – or more likely wondered if I had anything interesting to offer as food.


Flossie enjoys her early morning walks, whatever the weather!

I have another pic of Flossie, taken earlier that morning. She was going flat out pursuing a deer across the field in front of me, but I was too slow to capture the deer being chased, so unless you know the deer is there (just out of shot) it’s not a particularly interesting photo! Next time……

The cycling home conversion kicks off!

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Cycling Home Conversion

Cycling Home Conversion

Conversion Starts

Conversion Starts


At last Rick’s barn conversion is underway. This is the ground floor, which will provide a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

The old utility walls are down and the blocks will be used for hardcore for the concrete floor. Just wish I was over there helping out!

Not long before I’ll be full time helping with our cycling holidays.

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