April at Lot Cycling Holidays

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April is a busy month for us at Lot Cycling Holidays, its all preparation for our first cycling tour of the year starting on May the 4th.

We have to check all the bike routes and make sure there are no road works or diversions, one year they blocked one of our favourite routes as there was a rock slide and they closed the road to repair it for about three months.

Of course we also have to spring clean our guest accommodation as it’s not normally used at all over the winter months and it generally needs a good airing. We’ve been lucky with a lot of really warm weather in the mid 20’s for the last month allowing us to repaint inside and out. We have also completely changed our kitchen area and put in more appliances including washing facilities for our guests.

Cycling holiday wine

Our table wine chateau for our cycling guests














All the bikes have had to be serviced and replaced if deemed necessary plus the bike racks put back onto our trailer. We’ve bought some new racks to make it easier to get on and off so that our biking guests are not held up at all if they need a quick lift in the back up minibus. As Richard has joined us permanently this year this may allow for more guided sections of the tours, but maybe some guests prefer to be on their own?

We must be doing something right as last year 25% of all our guests were returning for a second year in a row!

The big news of course is that we are building a swimming pool and we are hoping that this will be ready from June this year. Any May guests reading this? Swimming pools in this area of south west France are not normally warm enough to be open until June. It’s been hard work as we have been doing most of the work ourselves and I now have builders hands complete with calluses.

April at Lot Cycling Holidays


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