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Autumn in the Lot Department

So far autumn in the Lot has been really mild with daytime temperatures reaching 20c (68f for our US friends) with mostly clear blue skies and sunny. It’s colder at night but only dropping to around 12c, the mornings are colder at around 10c.

So my morning runs still do not require long sleeves or leggings as I don’t feel the cold when running. I also usually have a dip in our unheated pool after my run, it acts as an ice bath and helps reduce and in fact stop any muscle fatigue. Water temperature at the moment is about 11c (52f) not cold after my run and I can walk straight in. Aileen and I actually think being cold is good for you and don’t mind just getting in the pool for around fifteen minutes, we both feel better for it.
Guardian article on the Benefits of Cold Water Swimming.

Autumn is the time of year I am busy cutting wood for our log burner, we are entirely self-sufficient in wood. We have the forest backing onto our cycling base which we own parts of, to enable us to fell our own trees. The forest is mainly oak which is very tough to cut, I go through lots and lots of chainsaw chains and am in fact on my third chainsaw, they just burn out with the hardness of the wood. I have to cut down our trees about two years before we need to burn them as they need to season and dry out. I normally fell the trees about now, but the forest has still not lost all the leaves, as cutting with the leaves on is not good for the wood as it means the sap is still high up in the trunk. This is according to our French neighbour Bernard whose family have been felling trees for years over many generations, so who am I to argue.

Autumn in the Lot

Autumn at Mas de Flory










Gourdon our nearest town is now a lot quieter with most of the local restaurants now only opening at the weekend. Market day on each Saturday morning is still very busy and still difficult to park with all the cafés very busy both inside and out as the weather is so mild.

Night time entertainment apart from our local cinema is very scarce apart from one nearby village called Lherm. The centre of which is the Bar à Trucs which is a communal run bar, café, shop and venue. They have lots of things going on usually at the weekends, including blues, jazz, classical and traditional types of music.

Looking forward to Xmas and evenings around our log fire.

Autumn in the Lot


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