Are Lot Cycling Holiday’s tours Self Guided or Guided?

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What is a self guided bike tour?

We have pre-prepared maps that fit in our bike front bar bags. They are all attached together and turn over in order. Included are suggested stops for refreshments and places of interest and also an overall large map for that very rare occasion when someone goes off our guided maps! Before we set off there is an explanation of the days route and instructions on how to follow the route from the start to the destination.

The advantage of this system is that cyclists can go at their own pace and can choose whether to be on their own or with others.

John self guided?

John self Guided?

What is a guided bike tour?

The cycling group travels together accompanied at all times by at least one tour guide on a bike with them. Everybody moves at the same pace and there is no need to look at a map. The group is usually followed by a support minibus so that if you don’t want to cycle anymore you can hop into the bus.
The big disadvantage of this system is that the more able have to wait for the slowest maybe at the tops of hills, or perhaps someone might want to spend longer at a particular attraction but have to move on with the others.

Our cycling tours are mainly self guided but we do make sure that at least on the first morning we cycle with you. This is to ensure that the bike is the correct fit and that you are comfortable with the map instructions etc.

However sometimes during the week we again accompany guests, it just depends on how much you need us!

However at all times our back up minibus is never further than thirty minutes away and is only a phone call away.

Happy cycling…..

Guided or Self Guided?


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