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Water, water everywhere… the Dordogne is one of the most impressive natural features of the region, having run its course from the Massif Central into the limestone Causse region at Souillac, and by the time it flows through the Garonne it has widened to nearly two miles from bank to bank.

Ferry boats, barges, canoes: these are the best ways to experience the Dordogne’s majestic progress to the sea, and there are these facilities in abundance, to suit every budget, too.
The Lot also dominates in the area. The country town of Cahors is the capital of the Lot département and had its heyday in the Middle Ages.
It is, however, unmissable today for its Pont Valentré, a 14th-century fortified bridge with pointed arches and three towers spanning the river, and the Cathédrale St-Étienne.

Lot & Dordogne – Daily Telegraph Link

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