Dégagnac our local village

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Our Cycling Holiday Base is in the commune of Dégagnac

Degagnac is a small village in the south-west of France, located in the Lot department  and the region Midi-Pyrenees.

The current population is 606 but in  1800 it had 2632, like all small villages people have moved to larger towns for work etc. There used to be lots of shops and 7 bars, now just one of each.

It’s quite a quiet place especially in the winter, but in the summer there a few occaisions when it can be quite busy.

There is the fête du village in August over three days where most of the locals go to along with the surrounding villages. There is a small funfare and dodgems, which we have been on every year so far!

There is also an Occitan dance and music festival but I have to say I don’t find the music or the dance to my taste, it reminds me of medieval dancing but then I suppose it is?

The vide grenier (empty atic) which is the equivelent of a boot sale or garage sale, though I have to say in my experience bargains are rare as the French seem to have an inflated value to second hand junk.

The main attraction to us is the local restaurant L’auberge sans frontiere run by our friends Patricia and Jean Christophe. They are open each evening in the summer but mostly just lunchtimes in the winter. Well worth a visit especially for the fantastic value midday meal at 12€ for 4 courses including wine.

Dégagnac Auberge













We also have a local shop which sells most things and is a depot du pain for bread and cakes, they also run a small bar above the shop though this is not very busy. I once went for an English night, there was me, Gerry an Irishman and Egbert a Dutchman, still we all spoke Englsh except of course when speaking to the French owner Alain who speaks no English.

Dégagnac local shop and bar













The commune helps staff the post office whiuch opens weekday mornings as does the local marie. We’ve just voted and Madame Blanc has again won office for another six years.

There is also a spice shop in the village, Aromatiques Tropicales which opens most weekdays. Here is their website in English http://www.aromatiques.com/en/contact-us.

Dégagnac our local village


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