Eco friendly Center Based Cycling?

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What is Eco Friendly?

We’ve been asked a few times “what are our Green Policies” or are we eco friendly? Sustainable Transport and Tourism, Responsible travel?

We find it very difficult to quantify exactly what these terms mean and whether we meet any of the standards required to claim any.

I suppose our main business involves bicycle touring – you can’t be more environmentally friendly than that. But we sometimes pick up or drop off using our minibus.
Guests arrive by train at our local train station where we meet them and drive back to our center base, but they could have flown first to Paris or Toulouse, is that green?

We try to source most of our food and wine locally normally using our local butcher where nothing travels further than 15kms from his shop. Our baker bakes on site using mostly local ingredients. We have our own chickens and ducks so are self sufficient with eggs.

Eco friendly Eggs?

Barry the cat relaxing with our chickens








We try to grow as much of our own vegetables as possible and usually our tomatoes and courgettes are enough for all our needs, although the strawberries never last long. Delicious with cream!
We also have seven plum trees and two fig trees this supplies enough fruit to Aileen to make various jam and lots of chutney. Also in the season we buy local fruit to make more varieties of jam.

Our water is supplied by an underground river from the forest that backs on to our property and is then only treated if absolutely necessary and no fluoride is ever used. The water treatment is run by a local cooperative of our hamlet and where we all takes turns doing various jobs when required.

So I don’t know are we enviromentally friendly?

More details of what this means at:

Eco friendly Center Based Cycling


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