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What are Hybrid bikes?

Here at Lot Cycling Holidays we use hybrid bikes for our tours. We keep a range of sizes and styles so that we can cater for the differing weights and heights of our guests. Why do we use hybrid bikes? Hybrids are a cross between road bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes. As such they offer the best package of ease of use, comfort and stability to provide the optimum riding experience for our guests and to cope with the demands of the riding conditions found on our tours.

The hybrid bikes we use have these characteristics: * The straight adjustable handlebars and upright riding position associated with mountain bikes, to provide a stress free ride. * A light weight, medium size wheels (between road and mountain bike sizes) and smooth tyres for road use, which is the best combination for casual road use. * A set of gears that falls between the high gearing and close ratios of road bikes aimed at keeping up maximum speeds, and the low gearing of mountain bikes that allows for steep climbs and difficult conditions. This means our guests can have the pleasure of cruising the quiet country lanes at reasonable speeds and cope easily with the occasional gentle incline. *

Hybrids allow for the fitting of our carriers – front with transparent waterproof map sections and rear carriers with detachable bags for snacks, cameras, locks, tools, and any other personal items needed on the tour. * Our bikes also have quick release wheels and fully adjustable gel saddles.

Giant Hybrid Bikes

Giant Hybrid Bike


Before our guests venture out on their first tour we spend time with each rider and their chosen bike to ensure:

* All the necessary adjustments are made to the saddle and the handlebar and brake lever and gear change control positions to suit the rider and their riding style

* Guests are familiar with the operation of the controls, especially the gears and brakes. This is particularly important for the brakes, as in the UK the right lever controls the front brake (and left the rear) and in Europe the right controls the rear brake (and left the front)

For more about Hybrid Bikes:

Hybrid bikes


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