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Mas de Flory

We’ve had a quite a quiet Xmas time at Mas de Flory but still been busy catching up on things.

As usual wood cutting and log splitting takes a priority but I can’t keep cutting and chopping all day, I am getting on a bit!

I’m still running three mornings a week at first light with the dogs through the forest following the deer trails. I get quite hot running so am still in shorts and a vest even though it’s usually minus temperatures with a white frost on the ground. My arms get a bit cold but I gradually warm up but the rest of me is still nice and warm. After my runs I normally get into our swimming pool to cool down, it’s like an ice bath as it soothes any aching muscles. In fact I don’t get any muscle soreness if I dip in the pool for at least fifteen minutes, temperature in the pool is around 9c at the moment. Incidentally Aileen still goes in the pool quite regularly – the cold is definitely good for your body and mind, try reading this article:

Over the past eight years we have been trying to get our road leading to Mas de Flory resurfaced and at last in September they came along to start the task. The last time the road was resurfaced was over twenty five years ago, so it was definitely time for renewal. They must be feeling guilty as they keep coming back with extra material to put on the surface and then sweep by hand to even it out, they’ve done this three or four times now, maybe they are using up spare materials? Now I suppose we will have to improve our car parks to match?

Mas de flory

Flossie, Jessie & Barry on our walk










Looking forward to another year in an idyllic part of the world, see you in the summer?

Mas de Flory


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