May 2014 Cycling in the Lot and Dordogne France update

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Cycling in the Lot and Dordogne

Well we’ve just finished our first Lot and Dordogne cycling tour, the weather forecast for the week wasn’t good but in the end it turned out their was no rain at all! Mornings started out a bit cloudy but by lunchtime the cloud had burned off and temperatures were between 19c to 25c, perfect cycling weather.

No problems with any of our routes as this time of the year the local communes normally try and resurface some of the roads leaving lots of loose chippings – not good for biking. Aileen received the usual plaudits for her standard of cooking – especially from Robin!


Aileen preparing creme brulee with a blow torch on our Lot and Dordogne tour.

Aileen preparing creme brulee with a blow torch.














We’ve been very busy as the first tour really crept up on us whilst we were trying to complete our new swimming pool. Our plan is to have the pool ready for the 1st of June and it looks like we are on course, any earlier and the pool will not have time to warm up properly. The “plage” is laid courtesy of Richard and all the groundwork has been done. Aileen has bought lots of plants but we can’t put them in until we’ve finished rendering the pump house etc. A bit frustrating as now is the best time to plant.

Now it’s a week off trying to get everything done before our next tour Lot Vistas and Villages on Sunday the 18th. However we do have one guest just for tonight who is cycling the length of France staying at bike friendly places en-route, bon courage.

We lost four of our ducks to a fox last week so have had to doubly reinforce our fencing including pegging and placing oak beams and large stones around our chicken/duck house. It is beginning to resemble a stockade. So now we have just six chickens and two ducks. Still plenty of eggs though.

May in the Lot & Dordogne


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