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Why do we get so many returning cycling guests?

OK so we are not a big multi-national holiday company with thousands of places for holidays.

We run only six tours per year now each with a maximum of eight guests per tour (although more could be accommodated if persuaded) so it’s not hard to get to know our guests pretty well and in fact we’d probably count most of them as friends when they leave our cycling base for their journey home.

Roses at Mas de flory

Roses at Mas de flory










Each year about a quarter of our biking guests are returning for their second cycling tour with us normally from the previous year, but some come and stay with us every year. Our record is three times in one year, we must be doing something right! We always thought nobody would want to come back again, how wrong we were.
We do vary the routes for some returning guests but most want to repeat their previous routes with us as they say they can take in more of the sites for the second time and enjoy the rides. Sometimes they bring their friends with them to share their experiences and their favourite routes.

Of course it maybe that biking has absolutely nothing to do with it and it’s just our sparkling wit and repartee or perhaps its Aileen’s food?
Some of our guests have booked a holiday with us just because they like the reviews about our food, and are not really cyclists – who can blame them as all our guests are extremely complimentary and forever want to award Aileen a Michelin star and buy her non-existent cook book!

Cheescake for dessert









A few extracts about our food:

“The four course five star dinners prepared by “Chef” Aileen were outstanding in quality and variety.”

“Saying we had great food and lots of fun would be an understatement–it was simply fantastic and outstanding.”

“sipping a chilled glass of rose prior to sitting down to a sumptuous feast prepared by Aileen and skilfully served by John.”

“Aileen was a most accomplished chef, and prepared phenomenal 4-course meals every night!”

Click on the link “Guest Reviews” above to see more about Aileen’s food and our cycling holiday base.

Well I hope you understand why so many travellers return to us, see this year?

Frequent Cycling Guests


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