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Our maps for our self-guided bike tours

The maps on our self-guided bike tours maps fit in the top of the supplied handlebar bag inside a clear plastic wallet. They are numbered and attached together so you can flip them over in order, there is also a larger overall map of the total route with distance marker points.

Our first map was an A4 paper based folded in two to fit inside the bar bag. Great, except our first day of our first tour it was raining and the maps got wet and the colour of the marked routes ran over the rest of the map and then gradually disintegrated. I spent the first morning waiting in the minibus at each turn giving directions. Smaller maps, laminating and waterproofing soon followed.

Over the eight years of running our tours we have changed and developed them, continually learning where guests took wrong turns and adjusting to make sure this cannot happen?

Personally I now think we have come to an impasse, I don’t think we can improve anymore without going totally digital and providing a Satnav for all our self-guided tours. I believe that gradually our biking guests are losing their ability to read a map! Our earliest guests had few problems, but now with the continual use of a Satnav in their cars they are losing their map reading skills. On top of this some guests start to use their own GPS map via their smartphone, this to me is a dangerous precedent. We have often seen cars driving down the wide footpath near our house that is marked via Google maps as a road!
I’ve tried Garmin, TomTom and Google maps to provide extra help and details for our self-guided tour maps but there is always something wrong or not quite right.

Self-guided bike tour map

Self-guided bike tour map











Richard over the winter is taking a fresh look at our maps and maybe we’ll combine the two systems?

We are open to suggestions?

Our maps for our self-guided French bike tours


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