Subaru Impreza hauling logs in our woods

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Richard’s Subaru saga

Impreza hauling logs

Richard in the Subaru



Recently, John’s been felling some trees to provide logs for the fire and we needed some 4×4 transport to bring them back to the house from the forest.

Aileen’s family and friends of mine in Exeter will recognise the Subaru Impreza that provided very reliable transport over the years – mostly to Aileen’s Dad Eddie who owned it from new until he passed away two years ago. I took it over then and used it as my main car until I moved here permanently to Mas de Flory our base for Lot Cycling Holidays. It came in very handy as at the time as  I’d just lost my treasured BMW convertible thanks to the actions of vandals in the Exeter City Centre.

As it would have proved too expensive to buy a dedicated log hauler in France and as the Subaru was just a bit too tatty to provide transport for our cycling holiday guests we decided to try it out as a log moving vehicle!

We had a certain amount of optimism about its off-road abilities, as Eddie had often claimed to have used the Subaru to rescue Land Rovers in Scotland! It has proved to be very capable on the forest tracks, thanks to its low ratio transfer gearbox. It’s just a question of not overdoing it with the load, as there are some sharp rocks about ready to rip a hole in the sump!

Impreza hauling logs

Impreza log carrier!










I’m pretty sure that Eddie would have been chuffed to hear that his Subaru was still being put to good use – and that’s a good excuse for a wee dram of fine Malt! (Eddie’s favourite).

Owners club link:
The Subaru International Driver’s Club

Author:  Richard Smith


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