Vinyl is back – well not for our bikers!

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Vinyl is back!

Clearing up in our loft and decided to see what all the fuss was about the “comeback” of vinyl LPs.

So hooked up my old Thorens TD160 turntable in our cycling guest’s barn to the hi fi and put on an old 1978 album.
I have to say it sounded fantastic, miles better than the CD version. But had the CD been digitally remastered etc etc?

I still have separate amp and CD player of at the time (some 20 years ago) was quite expensive. We’ve got it hooked up to Bluetooth and with an Ipod dock biker guests can play their music of their Apple phones etc through the hifi. It sounds pretty good in our barn as you can really wack up the volume.

Vinyl is back









Anyway the LP was of old friends of mine who were mildly successful back in the late 70’s early 80’s – The band No Dice  (Facebook FanPage) with their debut album called No Dice.
Still think it’s great….


No Dice











Roger Ferris the vocalist used to play football in my team and then when I got married I lost touch with him. I hadn’t realised him and his band were so good. They released a few singles and another album called 2 Faced on vinyl.

They were also on The Old Grey Whistle Test and even had a track named after them on Eric Clapton’s LP Slowhand. An instrumental called Peaches and Diesel, named after Roger’s nickname Peaches and the lead guitarist Dzal Martin. Dzal has since played with Van Morrison, Tom Robinson and Meatloaf.

They actually had a reuninion gig at Dingwalls in London in 2012 and Roger tells me they plan another one this year. If it doesn’t clash with our biking holidays I’ll be going. Here is a link  on YouTube from their Dingwalls gig.

Here is one of their original songs from Youtube: I keep it to Myself

I’ve kept about 100 of my old LPs, the really well worn I gave away before I moved to France. Looking forward to hearing Dark Side of the Moon again!

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