Xmas in our region of France

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Our region at Xmas time

It’s very quiet at Xmas in our region of France for obvious reasons – we haven’t got any paying guests!

Our season runs from April through to the end of September then it’s our time to relax and prepare for the next year.

Apart from our Xmas lights hung round our house you wouldn’t have a clue it was festive time. Most of the French around us just put a small Father Christmas (Papa Noël) climbing up the side of their house if anything at all. They tend to celebrate new years’ eve (Réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestre). Their main meal is also on Xmas eve (Réveillon de Noël) where loads of fresh oysters are consumed. Xmas cards are not normally sent as they normally post new year cards which can be posted all through January and February.


Xmas in our region

Is a plastic bottle a tree?










Our local town Gourdon, did put up its decorations a bit earlier this year in late November but not to the same extent as the UK. Supermarkets have an aisle of xmas decorations and lights etc but that’s about it. The food is more important to the French which is normally in our region either fish of some type or different versions of duck and yes that does include foie gras! Love it or hate it we are in a predominantly duck area although there is no factory farming and everything appears to be free range.

Xmas in our French region

Oysters anyone?










In the drinks aisle there are more types of whisky than I’ve ever seen in the UK, much more than French brandy. They are one of the biggest whisky drinkers in the world. Of course the wine section is nearly all French unless you make a visit to LIDL where they do have a couple of USA and Spanish wines.

Don’t bother trying to look for xmas crackers, and if seen wearing a xmas hat be prepared to be laughed at!

Bonne fête

Xmas in our region of France


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