Le Tour de France Visits the Lot

Fantastic day out at Souillac Friday watching le Tour de France go through. First the Caravan comes through with all the publicity vehicles and they throw lots of freebies out which you have to jump and catch and fight your neighbours for (actually the children next to us got most of it!). 15 minutes later all the sponsor vehicles come through and you know the cyclists are just a few minutes away. Then the breakaway group arrives closely followed by the peloton, with Bradley Wiiggins (in yellow jersy, obviously) and Mark Cavendish right behind. 20 seconds and it’s all over – but very exciting, especially as Cav went on to win the stage in a fantastic sprint finish. Can’t wait for  final day Sunday in Paris!

Bradley Wiggins at Souillac in the Lot

Wiggo at Souillac in the Lot with Cav behind him










The peleton behind Wiggins

The peleton behind Wiggins










The rest of the peleton behind Bradley Wiggins

140 cyclists passes by in about 20 seconds!


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