An entertaining email from one of our recent cycling guests

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Dear Aileen & Desparate John,

Just beginning to settle back to the mad world of the working for a living again.

As you know I can not speak too highly of your splendid establishment but I thought I’d let you know ‘what happened next’ after you left me in Bergerac.

I poodled about doing the tourist bit and about 2.30 landed in the Riverside Restaurant and had a most beautiful Entrecote Steak & a carafe of Rose. Superb !
As I paid the very reasonable bill of 22 euros I asked the proprietor if he could recommend a bar to watch the tour at which point he went and got a 40 inch flat screen and plonked it down on the table
in front of me, plugged it in and we were on count down for the last 10 – job done another carafe !  I was then surrounded by half a dozen young men in giant pink baby grows and big ears – the
local boxing fraternity on a stag doo – so I had to join in with the festivities ( and the Vodka & Red Bull ) and another carafe – by which time Wiggo was 2 mins up and I was decidedly damaged.

Stage over Wiggo is set for the promenade to Paris a cognac is required ! – a seriously impaired but joyous englishman is accosting all and sundry in what is now a quite full restaurant with shouts of
‘c’est magnifique’ vive la France – vive les anglais en France ‘ – I then realised I needed a flight and it was 7pm – back up that hill to the Hotel Bordeaux pick up my bag and a no show from the taxi but the receptionist at the hotel understood my predicament ( which was a surprise cos I could not have made any sense in English but maybe that’s the solution when I am full of fluid I am fluent in french ! )

So job done back in blighty and immediately bought myself a new bike !

So thank you so much – it was splendid I have resurrected my love of cycling and now go looking for Malbec – found 2 bottles of Cahors to teke to my connoiseur brother in Yorkshire and he liked it and he does not like much !

Thanks again


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