Our cyclists earned their dinner last night!

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Yesterday our cyclists earned their dinner riding down the valley road to the River Lot at Douelle (actually not very taxing!) and then on to a visit to our favourite Cahors wine chateau at Chantelle for a tasting and to buy a few bottles to take back home.

When they got home to Mas de Flory a chilled glass of rose was waiting for them, followed by dinner:

4th May menu

















Charcuterie from our local butcher and duck producer plus some interesting accompaniments


















Fabulous new season’s asparagus…

Fresh asparagus

















The shell fish reduction took quite a bit of time and effort, but it was well worth it –recipe from my cooking hero, Rick Stein (who else?!)

Salmon and prawns












The cheese board













With the Lemon Tart they all enjoyed a digestif of delicious home-made Limoncello – made by my sister Marilyn, on her visit here last Autumn!

Lemon tart






































The cycling holiday season begins…

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Yesterday was the first day of the first cycling holiday of the year!

We have a full complement of guests – 4 of who have been before (2 of them twice!)

It’s a long 5- night weekend over the bank holiday – a bit of a change from our usual 6-night Sunday to Saturday holidays – the first of those starts on Sunday 12th.

Here’s the dinner menu for last night:

2nd May menu cycling holiday

















Veloute  of asparagus and sorrel goes into a tureen, to be served with a swirl of cream and snipped chives plus parmesan croutons

Veloute of asparagus













Orange panna cotta and spiced rhubarb with pomegranate seeds, toasted pistachio nuts and orange and pomegranate syrup


Ripe tomatoes = great gazpacho

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Our tomatoes are coming thick and fast now in all shapes and sizes. The cherry ones are particularly sweet and delicious – in fact we are eating them like sweeties!
Incredibly hot sunny day again yesterday – so what better than a gorgeous, chilled bowl of gazpacho as a starter for our 9 cycling guests’ dinner last night. It was followed by a huge seafood Paella and then Crema Catalana to continue the Spanish theme.








By popular demand a recipe from Aileen

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We’ve been picking walnuts for the past 2 weeks, some from our own trees. So as it’s the season for fresh walnuts why not try this delicious walnut tart recipe.

Shortcrust pastry:
225g plain flour
130g butter and shortening eg Trex (half and half)
Pinch of salt
1 egg
cold water

Tart filling:
225 g walnut kernels (preferably freshly shelled)
50 g plain flour
225g butter
225 g caster sugar
3 medium eggs
tspn vanilla extract
slug of Armagnac
Large spoonful of raspberry or plum jam

Blitz together the flour, salt and fats in a food processor (or rub in by hand) until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add beaten egg and a couple of tblspns of cold water and blitz briefly until mixture just comes together. Tip onto floured board and press gently together into a ball. Roll out to fit a buttered 20/22 cm tart tin and leave in fridge while you make filling.
Cream together the softened butter and caster sugar until light and fluffy (I use an electric whisk), then gradually add the beaten eggs, whisking all the time. Add the vanilla extract and Armagnac and whisk briefly again. Now grind the walnuts in the processor to a large crumb then add the flour an grind again briefly to a finer crumb – but still retain some texture. Fold the walnuts carefully into the sponge mixture.
Spread the jam over the base of the pastry case and top with the walnut sponge mix.
Bake the tart for approx 50 minutes at 180 deg C.

Serve warm with some cream – creme fraiche is nice, but if I was eating this in the UK I would have it with clotted cream! An espresso and an Armagnac go down nicely with it too… Enjoy!

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