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Enjoying your Cycling Holidays to the Fullest

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Cycling in France is an exciting experience that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. There are numerous stunning cycling routes that wind their way through forests, valleys traditional villages and other areas of intense natural beauty in France and are just waiting to be discovered. However, before setting off on a cycling holiday in France it is a good idea to do a little forward planning to make sure that things go as smoothly as possible.

Selecting the right type of bicycle for you trip is absolutely essential, as this can make the difference between endless hours of cycling pleasure and a trip that seems to be full of obstacles. There are a large number of different bikes to choose from, including mountain bikes and bicycles that are best suited to off road cycling. In order to select the best bike for your needs it is best to plan your cycling route in advance and seek expert advice if needed.

You should also take a little time to choose the right cycling accessories. If you are planning on cycling after dark or in the early evening you will need to invest in a range of reflective gear to make sure that you stand out. The lanes that wind through rural France are often rather dimly lit, so cyclists need all the help they can get in staying visible. In addition to lights for both the front and rear of your bike your will want to invest in reflective strips and consider wearing a reflective jacket and other types of reflective clothing.

Although a large number of people in France speak a good level of English, communicating can sometimes be a problem, especially in rural areas and small villages. Make sure you brush up on your French before you go and carry a phrasebook and dictionary with you. While you probably won’t want to have to carry a lot of provisions with you, other items to consider packing include bottles of water, a few snacks, a torch and a bicycle repair kit.



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