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  • Fabulous food at Mas de flory
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Fab food at Mas de Flory

Fabulous food on a biking tour

Gastronomy of the Lot

Undoubtedly one of the pleasures of visiting the Lot & Dordogne, S W France is the vast array of gastronomic delights that the region has to offer.

With the finest duck and foie gras, Quercy lamb, truffles, chestnuts, walnuts, saffron and Rocamadour cheese, as well as a cornucopia of fresh summer vegetables and fruit strawberries, melons, plums, rose garlic and, of course, the famous Black Wine of Cahors, the Lot is blessed with abundant, high quality produce which has led to its well deserved reputation as one of the foremost gastronomies of France.

Free range duck farms abound in this area and duck dishes proliferate the menus of all regional restaurants. Cuisse de canard confit, duck legs cooked very slowly in duck fat until the meat shreds easily from the bones and, finally, the skin crisped in a hot oven, is a very popular lunch time indulgence served with a crisp salad. Magret or breast of duck, cooked pink and soft with a crisp skin, is a must and can be found on restaurant menus served with a multitude of sauces, dressings or jus- some of the nicest being honey, figs or the local Ente plums reduced to a spicy compote.
Foie gras, the controversially fattened duck liver is a French cultural and gastronomic legend and rightly so as it is absolutely delicious! Taste it with sweet fig and walnut compote or caramelized apple slices and accompany with a glass of chilled, honey-sweet Monbazillac wine.

AOC Cahors Wine
Hailed by wine critics as the 'latest trend', the 'black wine' of Cahors is in fact one of the oldest of French wines, having been first introduced by Roman Emperors more than 2000 years ago.
In the late 19th century the Malbec grape vines were virtually wiped out by the phylloxera disease. From a couple that were saved and nurtured, the vineyards eventually thrived and gradually re-established the reputation of this strong, dark and rich red wine.

There are over 200 domaines but still only 4,500 hectares laid to vine in the area permitted by AOC standards, which makes Cahors a comparatively rare French wine.The quality however, is without doubt the very highest and it still graces the finest restaurant tables and dining rooms in the world.

The vineyards span either side of the beautiful Lot Valley between Cahors and Siourac and many of them are open to the public, allowing you to sample the different vintages first hand in a petite degustation. The growers are proud of their work and will delight in telling you about the different parts of the vineyard, the sunshine and the soil types or terroir.

This wine is still relatively inexpensive and it is definitely worth buying some direct from the chateaux to take home with you - especially as it can be kept for up to 20 years (if you could resist it for that long!)

Rocamadour Goats Cheese

This goats' cheese from the famous home of the Black Virgin has been made here since the 15th century. It is undoubtedly one of the oldest traditional products of the Lot.

Awarded Appellation d'Origine Contrle status, Rocamadour is a tasty little cheese which can be eaten young; after only 5 to 8 days. It is pale yellow on the outside and creamy on the inside, with a subtle flavour. However, it can also be kept in a cellar for a week or two, time for the outside to become dry, a few blue spots to appear, and a stronger flavour to develop. Whether young or old, a Rocamadour cheese is best appreciated with fresh bread and a ruby red Cahors wine. It is wonderful served with a few fresh walnut kernels and a drizzle of local, scented honey.

Sample menus

An early summer menu

Asparagus and fresh goat's cheese tartlet

Roast leg of Quercy lamb with wild garlic, rosemary and honey
Selection of local cheeses
Gariguette strawberry and white chocolate meringue.

A mid-summer menu

Chilled pea, mint and cucmber soup

Pan-fried fillet of sea bass, saffron risotto with fennel
Rocamadour cheese with honey and walnuts
Creme brulee and fresh raspberries

A late summer menu

Pear, chicory and walnut salad with a warm Roquefort dressing
Local magret of duck, spiced plum sauce, celeriac puree
Mature and tasty Comte cheese
Fresh fig compote, vanilla creme fraiche and a shot of Armagnac
(figs, pears and walnuts from our own trees!)


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